Acts of Kindness & Memories

Please share your thoughts, memories, and acts in Casey's memory here.
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"Hi Casey,
My name is Katie Oshrine. I am "doctor" Ben's wife. Sadly, we never had the opportunity to meet each other, but I feel like I have known you for a long time now. Ever since Ben shared with me your story, I have been encouraged by your amazing courage and strength. I have enjoyed almost nightly through your treatment, hearing the witty comments and funny stories you and your family shared with Ben. I even had the chance to meet with your awesome family and friends and hear all about how you used to make fun of Ben (one of my favorite things to do as well :-) He cared so much for you and your family, and was so deeply saddened by your passing and misses you. You are such a beautiful person, Casey, both inside and out. You make me so thankful every single day to wake up and have the honor and privilege to care for patients in need. Thank you so much for touching my life and Ben's in such a meaningful and special way. I love this webpage and enjoy seeing all the incredible things you were and continue to accomplish." ~ Katie Oshrine

"As everyone knows, the first semester of college is always a tough transition. I was leaving all of my best friends that I was used to spending so much time with! Not to mention family and everything that had been familiar to me. I was going from living in PA to starting school in Orlando. I will never forget how happy I was when I realized there was a package delivered to me at school, and it was from Casey! Casey had put together the nicest care package for me and sent it to my school address. I remember opening up the box and it was so colorful. There was a note, pictures, and treats. All things we both loved. I will never forget how special that made me feel." ~ Katie Luby