The Battle

Casey was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March 2012 during her senior year in college. She made it to graduation and was able to cross the stage with help from her brother, Tim, in May 2012.

Early in her treatment, it was determined Casey would require a Bone Marrow Transplant. Although a match was found in June 2012, Casey was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit where she would spend the next four months. Subsequently, she underwent two transplants. One unsuccessful transplant in November 2012, then a second transplant in December 2012, was successful and a tremendous Christmas gift to us all.

Over the next several months Casey would be in and out of the hospital as she fought to rebuild her suppressed immune system. Casey fought this battle with courage, grace and determination. She, without a doubt, was the strongest person we have ever known. On August 14, 2013 Casey passed peacefully with her parents and brothers by her side.

The Mission

In honor of Casey’s dedication to service and her compassion for helping those in need, the Casey E. Doolin Memorial Fund was established. This fund is a part of the 23 acts of kindness representing each year of her beautiful life.

Proceeds will benefit organizations, groups, families and individuals that have touched Casey’s amazing life. Some of those groups are listed below:

St. Joseph’s University, Campus Ministry was a focal point of Casey’s college experience. Some of the programs she participated in were Back On My Feet (assisting the homeless), Appalachian Experience (assisting impoverished communities), Winter Immersion programs in Louisiana and Alabama (helping hurricane damaged communities), and Project Fiat in El Salvador (assisting and rebuilding impoverished communities).

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is a world leader in treating children and their unique healthcare needs. Casey saw first hand the compassion, care and commitment of the medical teams in dealing with childhood cancers as well as their research efforts in finding a cure.

St. Joseph’s the Worker school in Orefield, PA. It was here that Casey and her brothers Tim and Will developed spiritually, academically and socially in a Christ centered and family oriented environment. And it was here that their love for community and community service began.

The Support

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
• The Cancer Center
• The Social Worker Program
• The Child Life Program
• Casey's Companions

St. Joseph's University
• The Casey Doolin '12 Scholarship Fund for Campus Ministry
• The Casey Doolin Award for Office of Student Leadership & Activities

St. Joseph the Worker School
• The Casey Doolin Scholarship